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Judge Robinson grants motion to maintain status quo ante pending appeal of order denying preliminary injunction.

Judge Robinson recently granted a Rule 62(c) motion to maintain the status quo ante pending the appeal of an order denying a preliminary injunction. Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC v. Gevo, Inc., C.A. No. 11-54-SLR (D. Del. July 6, 2012). The Court considered four factors in deciding whether to grant the motion, and added that the factors need not be given equal weight: “(1) whether the stay applicant has made a strong showing that he is likely to succeed on the merits; (2) whether the applicant will be irreparably injured absent a stay; (3) whether issuance of the stay will substantially injure the other parties interested in the proceeding; and (4) where the public interest lies.” Id. at 2 (citing Hilton v. Braunskill, 481 U.S. 770, 776 (1987); Standard Havens Prods., Inc. v. Gencor Indus., Inc., 897 F.2d 511, 512 (5th Cir. 1990)). Although the Court previously found that a preliminary injunction was not warranted because the plaintiff was unlikely to succeed on its infringement claim in light of the Court’s construction of certain claim terms, (see June 19, 2002 memorandum opinion), Judge Robinson explained that “the court readily acknowledges that the Federal Circuit could disagree with the court’s construction of these [terms] and, consequently, its ultimate conclusions.” Id. at 3. Further, the Court explained, “if the Federal Circuit reverses and finds the ‘899 patent valid and infringed, plaintiff will suffer irreparable harm…” Id. at 4. In addressing the equities, the Court considered that the defendant had argued previously that an injunction was unnecessary because “the parties were not head to head competitors in the automotive fuel blending industry.” Id. at 5 (internal quotation marks omitted). Under the circumstances, the Court explained, “it does not strike the court as inequitable to require defendant to restrict its business efforts pending appeal consistent with its representations in this litigation.” Id. at 5. The Court granted the plaintiff’s motion, “conditioned on plaintiff’s seeking … an expedited appeal … and posting a bond with the court.” Id. at 6 (emphasis in original).

Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC v. Gevo, Inc., C.A. No. 11-54-SLR (D. Del. July 6, 2012).

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