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Judge Andrews issues claim construction order relating to stun-gun technology

Judge Richard G. Andrews recently issued an order in Taser International, Inc. v. Karbon Arms, LLC, C.A. 11-426-RGA (D. Del. Nov. 28, 2012), construing over twenty disputed claim terms across four patents related to “the technology of electronic control devices.” Id. at 1. The following claim terms of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,999,295; 7,782,592; 7,602,597; and 7,800,885 were construed:

-“a dual operating mode”
-“a first mode”
-“a second mode”
-“power supply”
-“sourcing, for a first period, electricity”
-“reducing an output voltage magnitude capability of the source”
-“after reducing”
-“sourcing electricity for a second period longer than the first period”
-“a stimulus signal”
-“series of pulses”
-“a particular pulse of the series”
-“after ionization of air in the circuit”
-“generating a first compliance signal of the current”
-“a first maximum amplitude”
-“generating a second compliance signal of the current”
-“being less than”
-“a second maximum amplitude”
-“a respective effective duration”
-“a sequence [of compliance signals]”
-“a series of compliance signal groups”
Id. at 2-3. Judge Andrews reserved decision on one term, “tailoring a compliance signal group,” pending further briefing. Id. at 3.

Taser Int'l, Inc. v. Karbon Arms, LLC, C.A. No. 11-426-RGA (D. Del. Nov. 28, 2012).

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