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Judge Andrews construes term related to “PressureWire” technology

Judge Richard G. Andrews recently construed over thirty claim terms across nine patents related to St. Jude’s “PressureWire” technology, a platform which calculates fractional flow reserve to measure arterial blood pressure. St. Jude Medical v. Volcano Corp., C.A. No. 10-631-RGA (D. Del. Oct. 12, 2012). The following claim terms of U.S. Patent Nos. 6,112,598; 6,167,763; 5,938,624; 6,196,980; 6,248,083; 5,178,159; 5,797,856; 6,976,965; and 7,134,994 were construed:

“it does not contact any surrounding rigid structures,” with “‘[s]aid sensor element’ as the “antecedent basis for the word ‘it’”
“surrounding the sensor”
“pressure sensitive end of the pressure transducer does not contact any structure other than the mount”
“pressure transducer”
“core wire”
“fills the male connector to prevent capillary action”
“interface cable”
“information storing means”
“provided on said interface cable”
“uniquely characteristic of said measuring device (14)”
“extending along the length thereof”
“insulating sleeve”
“extending along the length of the tubular member”
“cylindrical insulting member”
“flexible elongate member”
“coaxially disposed on at least a portion of the flexible elongate member”
“coil assembly”
“distal extremity”
“said flexible elongate member having a first transition counting from the proximal extremity from a larger diameter to a smaller diameter”
“said flexible elongate member is provided with an additional transition distal of the distal extremity of the flexible elongate tubular member and being disposed within the coil assembly”
“hole . . . such that a portion of the pressure sensitive region is disposed opposite the hole”
“distal extremity of the guidewire”
“mounted within the sensor housing such that the pressure sensitive region projects into the lumen”
“multi-mode graphical user interface with at least two distinct displays for presenting diagnostic parameter values of multiple types”
“multi-mode graphical user interface host”
“kernel mode drivers”
“processed sensor data”
“peripheral interface card”

St. Jude Medical v. Volcano Corp., C.A. No. 10-631-RGA (D. Del. Oct. 12, 2012)

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