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Judge Sleet construes terms of NonEnd Inventions patents relating to streaming data in a network

Judge Gregory M. Sleet recently construed the following terms of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,587,508; 7,590,752; 7,779,138; 8,090,862; 8,099,513; and 8,266,315.  NonEnd Inventions N.V. v. Spotify USA Inc., C.A. Nos. 12-1041-GMS and 13-389-GMS (D. Del. Aug. 1, 2014).

“streaming (n.)”

“streaming (adj.)”



“peer-to-peer network”

“network of media players”

“peer system”

“a system for distributing media content”

“peer node”

“consumer node”


“production node”

“central node”


“first communication channel”

“second communication channel”

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