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Judge Sleet adopts report and recommendation finding patents invalid under Section 101

In Tenon & Groove, LLC, et al. v. Plusgrade S.E.C., et al., C.A. No. 12-1118-GMS-SRF, Magistrate Judge Fallon previously recommended granting defendants’ motion for summary judgment that the patents-in-suit were invalid under Section 101 as directed to patent-ineligible abstract ideas.  Judge Gregory M. Sleet has overruled plaintiffs’ objections to the Report, and granted the motion.  Memorandum at 10 (D. Del. Mar. 11, 2015).

In arguing that the patented invention was “an idea but not an abstract idea,” plaintiffs’ objections “attempt[ed] to seize upon the specific language used by the magistrate judge and [defendants]” to point out that their “contradictory articulations of the proper formulation of the abstract idea suggests [sic] the absence of any such ‘abstract’ idea.”  Id. at 5 (emphasis in original).  The Court disagreed that a “contradiction” existed, and even if there was one, observed that “the use of slightly different words to describe something abstract is [not] proof that it is not abstract.”  Id. (emphasis in original).  The Court also rejected plaintiffs’ reliance on DDR Holdings here, 773 F.3d 709 (Fed. Cir. 2014), explaining that in that case, “the defendant’s different characterizations of the idea had no bearing on the Federal Circuit’s ultimate ruling that the claims were patent ineligible.”  Id. at 5-6.

The Court then accepted the magistrate’s conclusion that the patents also failed to claim an inventive concept.  See id. at 7-9.  It again rejected plaintiffs’ reliance on DDR Holdings, explaining that the patented invention here did not solve “a problem unique or inherent to computers” as was the case in DDR HoldingsId. at 8-9.  Finally, while it “may have been unnecessary,” the Court found no error in “[t]he magistrate judge’s decision to analyze the machine-or-transformation test apart from the two-step Alice inquiry . . . .  Magistrate Judge Fallon’s conclusion that the patents-in-suit failed the machine-or-transformation test comports with her analysis under the two-step Alice framework.”  Id. at 9.

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