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Judge Robinson denies motions to dismiss

In a recent memorandum, Judge Sue L. Robinson denied without prejudice the defendants’ motions to dismiss for failure to state a claim in nine related cases.  Network Congestion Solutions, LLC v. AT&T Inc., et al., Civ. Nos. 14-894-SLR, 14-895-SLR, 14-896-SLR, 14-897-SLR, 14-898-SLR, 14-899-SLR, 14-901-SLR, 14-902-SLR, 14-903-SLR, and 14-904-SLR (D. Del. June 4, 2015).  The complaints asserted infringement of a method claim by “accused ‘network congestion management practices’ . . . used by defendants internally to provide better service to their customers.”  Id. at 4.  Judge Robinson explained, “[a] rational query is whether there is any way for a patent holder, such as plaintiff, to present—in a complaint—the kind of factual detail defendants suggest is required under the Iqbal/Twombly standard.  Drawing on my judicial experience and common sense, I would say ‘no.’”  Id.  Judge Robinson added, “if the practices identified by plaintiff operate through defendants’ proprietary software, then it is reasonable to conclude that the notice requirements have been met, based on the quantity and quality of publicly available information.  To follow defendants’ reasoning would deny an entire class of patent holders the opportunity to even get before a court to test a strength of their intellectual property rights through discovery, let alone to enforce such rights.  Id. at 4-5.  The Court noted that the plaintiff provided more information about its allegations in its opposition to the motion to dismiss, and denied the motions to dismiss without prejudice to renew if the plaintiff failed to amend its complaints to incorporate that additional information.

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