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Judge Robinson denies motion for preliminary injunction

In Verifone, Inc. v. Poynt Co., C.A. No. 16-105-SLR (D. Del. Aug. 11, 2016), a trademark infringement action, Judge Sue L. Robinson denied Plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction. The majority of the opinion addressed likelihood of success on the merits, looking to whether there was likelihood of confusion between the parties’ marks. See id. at 8 -17. The Court concluded that plaintiff had not shown likelihood of success on the trademark claim. Id. at 17. The irreparable harm factor weighed in Defendant’s favor where it was “about to launch its product and quantifies the monetary damages it would suffer due to delay, recertification, and rebranding,” and where Plaintiff’s evidence of harm to its reputation and goodwill was speculative. Id. at 17-18. As to the balance of hardships, this also favored Defendant who had searched the PTO database before applying for its trademark and where Defendant had offered evidence of damage it would suffer from an injunction. Id. at 18. Finally the public interest factor was “largely neutral” where “the public has an interest in not being deceived or confused,” no confusion was evidence and the common purchases of the parties’ product were sophisticated. Id. at 18-19.

Verifone, Inc. v. Poynt Co., C.A. No. 16-105-SLR (D. Del. Aug. 11, 2016)

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