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Judge Andrews orders reduction in number of asserted claims, denies extension of claim construction briefing page limits.

Judge Richard G. Andrews recently ordered a plaintiff to reduce the number of claim terms it was asserting from 52 to 32 by the filing of its opening claim construction brief, finding that there would be little or no prejudice associated with such a reduction.  EMC Corp. v. Pure Storage Inc., C.A. No. 13-1985-RGA (D. Del. Sept. 19, 2014).  Judge Andrews denied a request for an extension of page limits for claim construction briefing, however, but explained: “I find that having Plaintiff open the briefing with arguments for plain meaning is generally not very helpful.  Thus, Plaintiff need only brief in its opening brief those terms for which it proposes a construction.  Of course, Plaintiff will need to respond in its reply brief if Defendant proposes constructions for terms that the Plaintiff believes should be given their plain meaning.”  Finally, the Court indicated that regardless of the number of claim terms the parties’ briefed, the Court would permit oral argument on no more than 10 terms.

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