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Judge Andrews issues claim construction opinion.

Judge Richard G. Andrews recently issued a claim construction ruling in three related cases. Pragmatus Telecom, LLC v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., et al., Master Docket No. 12-1533-RGA (D. Del. Sept. 9, 2014).  The Court construed the following claim terms:

  • “server” and “the server”
  • “help request form including the customer IP address”
  • “upon selection of the remote help option, send a help request to the call center”
  • “a contact channel”
  • “a WWW server comprising ‘means for providing access by customers to a web page including a help request interface for receiving requests for help from customers’”
  • “CGI programs”
  • “automated call distribution system”
  • “call center” and “call centre”
  • “customer IP address”

The Court noted that during oral argument the parties agreed to constructions of the following terms, which the Court adopted:

  • “remote help option”
  • “help request form” and “help request” and “requests for help”

Based on the Court’s constructions, and adoption of the parties’ agreed constructions, the Court gave the following terms their plain and ordinary meaning:

  • “the remote help option provides for the selection of one of a plurality of different contact channels”
  • “help request form including the customer IP address”


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