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Joseph J. Farnan: Motion-to-Strike Victory for ANDA Filer


That willfulness is not properly a part of a Hatch-Waxman case is not a controversial proposition anymore. In a recent opinion, District Judge Joseph J. Farnan Jr. reaffirmed a long line of cases that jettisoned willful infringement allegations grounded solely on ANDA filings.

An interesting aspect of the decision, however, is its procedural posture: defendant chose to employ the the pre-answer motion to strike under FRCP 12(f). By granting this type of “disfavored” motion – especially when defendant had already filed its answer – the Court signaled that the willfulness argument, in a typical ANDA scenario, will no longer succeed in D. Del.

Sepracor Inc. v. Dey L.P., C.A. No. 06-113-JJF (D. Del. Sept. 26, 2008) (Farnan, J.).

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