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Judge Stark Construes Claim Terms of Virus and Spam-Prevention Patents

Judge Stark recently engaged in extensive claim construction of disputed claim terms of four patents related to systems for protecting against computer viruses and spam emails. See Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. Check Point Software Techs. Ltd., et al., C.A. No. 10-1067-LPS, Slip Op. (D. Del. Dec. 12, 2012). The terms the Court construed in this multi-defendant case were:

– “data file(s)”
– “determining . . . whether each received content identifier matches a characteristic of other identifiers”
– “file content identifier”/“file content ID”/“digital content identifier”/“digital content ID”
– “digital content identifier created using a mathematical algorithm unique to the message content”
– “file content identifier generator agent(s)”
– “an indication of the characteristic”/“identify the existence or absence of said characteristic”/“indicating the presence or absence of a characteristic”
– “characterizing the files on the server system based on said digital content identifiers received relative to other digital identifiers collected in the database”
– “database of business rules”/“business rules”
– “[combines/combining] the [email message/data object] with a new distribution list . . . and a rule history . . .”
– “an organizational hierarchy of a business, the hierarchy including a plurality of roles, each role associated with a user”
– “persistently storing,” “primary message store . . . for receiving an non-persistently storing e-mail messages,” and “secondary message store . . . for receiving therefrom, and persistently storing an e-mail message”
– “automatically reviewing the [email message/data object] after a specified time interval to determine an action to be applied”
– “rule engine”
– “routing a call between a calling party and a called party of a telephone network”
– “within the telephone network”
– “identification code”
– “converting . . . from an executable format to a non-executable format”
– “forwarding the non-executable format”
– “retains an appearance, human readability, and semantic content of the e-mail message”
– “deactivating the hypertext link”

Intellectual Ventures I LLC v. Check Point Software Techs. Ltd., et al., C.A. No. 10-1067-LPS, Slip Op. (D….[scribd id=117399469 key=key-16h54umy7q0a2yj88l0k]

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